BM WORKS Tool Capsule Black - Cycling Tool Bottle Zip Bag for Water Bottle Cage - B00HUQST2S

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  • Practical and Effective Storage Design to carry tools and items in organized manner

  • Left section - 1 Big & 2 Mini pockets / Right section – Large zip-up pocket

  • Semi-Auto Slide Zipper removes distracting sound while riding

  • Asymmetric Design makes it easier to mount and dismount to bottle cage

  • Material: Water Resistant 420D Polyester, Size: 70x195mm, Weight: 108g

  • Color Name:Black

    Riding a bicycle is fun and exciting experience. However, you may have faced several difficult situations while cycling, and imagine ‘this kind of product would be great to have…’ BM WORKS decided to become someone who makes products you wished for.

    Why Tool Capsule?
    Have you had experience that the lid of your bottle-type tool bag is lost by shock, or you took all the items out in order to find one item?

    BM WORKS Tool Capsule
    is a capsule-shaped tool bag with convenient zipper. Multiple pockets inside help you store and organize extra tubes, patches, tools, and other accessories. Experience big improvement by small changes.


    Practical and Effective Storage
    Space is divided into multiple pockets inside so that you can organize and find items easily.

    Left Storage Section - 1 Big & 2 Mini Pockets
    Store small pump, CO2 inflator, tools, and tire lever.

    Right Storage Section - Large Zip-up Pocket
    Store extra tube, sunglasses, snacks, smartphone.

    Water Resistant
    Water Resistant Material – 420 Denier Polyester is used. Product is NOT waterproof, but will stay well against rain

    Semi-Automatic Slide Zipper
    Slide Zipper stays firmly without distracting sounds while riding

    Asymmetric Design
    Diameter of the bottom is 5mm shorter (65mm) than that of the top (70mm), which makes it easier to mount and dismount in the water bottle cage

    Cog Zipper Handle
    The inspiration of 10T Cog Zipper handle's design came from your passion toward riding

    Color Zipper
    3 colors are available Black, White and Red

    *Product does NOT come with any accessories shown in the picture.

    BM WORKS Tool Capsule Black - Cycling Tool Bottle Zip Bag for Water Bottle Cage - B00HUQST2S

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