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  • Protect your good tires during race warm-ups

  • Each roll of BTT Bike Trainer Tape contains enough tape for approximately 10 wraps

  • Easy to install and remove

  • Removal of tape leaves very little to no residue

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  • Eliminate the hassle of swapping out wheels when switching from warm-up to race mode. Simply apply a strip of BTT Time Trial around your good tires during your warm-up and peel away the tape when you are ready to race.


    Before applying BTT, ensure the tire is completely clean from dirt, dust, and rubber residue. Clean tire with rubbing alcohol or warm water and dry with rag before applying the tape to create a strong seal between the tape and tire

    * For best results, double-wrap tape with one continuous piece of tape for maximum protection.

    * Discounted pricing available for team or group purchases. Contact us for details.


    BTT might not produce satisfactory results under the following scenarios:

    Computrainer - especially when using erg mode.

    Extreme ribbed or Ridged Tires - BTT may not stick effectively to tires with extreme ribbed, ridged or bumpy surfaces, similar to the Vittoria Open Corsa Evo.

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    Bike Trainer Tape - Time Trial - B06X3ZQFLC

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